My less than pleasant opinion of Radical Islamic Jihadists.

What's swirling in me lumpy Melon?

What’s swirling in me lumpy Melon?

I get the sense that there are some in the media and all the sycophants that regurgitate thirty second chunks of their biased crafted idiocy with the grace of a hair ball yucking cat, that after the whole angry white guy from the right theory got done in Hannibal Lecter Style, the next best thing they clammered for was the lone wolf Jihadists Shtick.

Why, because right now they are the kid with the baseball at the sandlot , the grumpy old ass with the remote control, the A-hole with the flashlight in the low budget 80s Horror flick.

What I mean is that The liberal left are the driving force in American Politics, RIGHT NOW, and they are in the “In it to win it” mode, so there can not be any negative light, bad decision, failed policy… All is well in dream land.

**Now before My Liberal Friends flip out and go all Ad- Hominem on me, and burn me in effigy and see to my demise with a Ninja Midget Task force, The Conservative Side is doing the Same Damned thing wherever they can, they are just not in the White House , and if they were, and when they were, they did it then too**

So.. I will save my contempt for the divisive lunacy for another Butthurt Diatribe, but what is the Heart of the Spiel, is the mantra.. NO ONE HELPED THEM.. THEY DID IT ALLLL ALONE.

Here is were I insert MY point with the relish of a Stoner into a twinkie box at three in the morning. On the issue of Lone wolf or three time winners of the Taliban Training camps “Most improved Terrorists” The issue Is Jihadists.. Period..

And On This point I have this to say.. All Radical Islamic Jihadists are Ass sucking, Shit Stain, used Rubber, Sacks of useless Flesh.

I don’t care if they are just misunderstood, I don’t give a f&^k about the notion of opening a dialog, nor would I give a plague laden Rat’s ass about providing a forum to air their Grievances…

Killing innocents in horrific acts of terror cause of a deluded notion of a virginal buffet laid out for you in happy Mohammed Land or that someone said something somewhere that makes you look like the Chauvinistic, intolerant, Small Minded Ass Clowns that you are, makes you a coward, a spineless, yellow chickenshit.

You are a cockroach.. Mr. Radical Islamic Jihadist, that’s it.. you scurry into darken holes as soon as the light hits you.

Whether the Bung Hole Brothers had help or not.. whether they saw a youtube video and got a case of Jihad fever, Or they were groomed like a prize sheep to give the Jihadist Sheppard’s something to work on there 72 virgins skills, they killed innocent people and maimed many more.

I personally don’t care for where the cock roaches came from, when I see them, I reach for my can of raid.


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