All hot and bothered by a cold spring?

All hot and bothered by a cold spring?
by S.E.Bailey on 04/30/13

I know the so called consensus is that the world is going to end last Tuesday as sea levels rise two hundred feet and lakes boil, the Eiffel Tower Melts, the Statue of liberty strips down to her copper colored thong, cats and dogs living together.. Mass hysteria .. all due to Global warming…

Yet a funny thing happened on the way to the AlGorites carbon colored apocalypse, The planet it seems, is not getting hotter.

In fact.. It is at the precipice of an extended cooling period..
NoW I know.. I know…. The only Scientists that matter are the ones who say its happening I mean there science is flawless.. above reproach..

But call me irresponsible denier.. a skeptic .. an A-hole.. I think I will chose option #2 on the apocalypse Menu.–experts-say-final-toll-horrendous.html

You Get The Gist..


and yeah.. if you called me a A-hole.. I’m good with that to.

My problem with this alarmist nonsense is straight forward.. Using gloom and doom to terrify people to change their behavior or have them comply in a way you want them to is pretty messed up.

My atheist friends should appreciate my mindset on I believe that’s the whole hell and brimstone technique repurposed.

I could go on with the point counterpoint argument of the data itself, how its contrived, cooked, cherry picked, skewed.. in both directions but I will instead make a single salient point.

IF the science was decided.. Why the hell do they keep trying to prove it.

A scientist who deals in absolutes when it comes to his/ her own science, is no different than a priest who does that same..

It isn’t about the message… Its about them.

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3 thoughts on “All hot and bothered by a cold spring?

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  2. I couldn’t read all the links due to time constraints but…I do believe the Earth goes through climate swings whether we are here or not. There are definite signs of a warming trend, but I do agree that we may not have had a significant impact. Regardless, I think it is wise to back the global warming crowd as it may be the only way we might move away from fossil fuels. We are floating in a sea of energy and I hate that other developed countries are eating our lunch where solar and wind energies are concerned. We have a dangerous dependence on oil. I’m not crazy about fear tactics to reach an end, and I totally see your point, but fear seems to dominate the human game recently. I’m just spitballing and don’t pretend to know the answers, but there is plenty of room in the shale for us if we don’t wake up in various ways. If apocalyptic thinking achieves the right end, is it so wrong?

    • What concerns me is the aggregate gains of gloom speak to get the job done, if the sky doesn’t fall then it is also in the nature of man to usurp those gains to other ends.
      The end justifies the means has been done with frightening efficiency at the cost of human freedoms and lives.
      Science must be the first and best place for integrity and truth. The embellishing of theories and the distortion of truths for an agenda.. however noble.. in my opinion is as catastrophic as the apocalypse they are trumpeting.
      And we can get where, we can beat our deadly addiction to dead dinosaur juice.. with hope and progress.

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