If I had hair, It would be a Burgundy Quaff, Pomade free.


“Perfection can never be exceeded, only duplicated, which makes it twice as perfect as perfection, which is good.”

Ron Burgundy.( A real made up quote of a fictional character)


Getting hit with a thought Brick, and being the one who threw it.

Where are we going has a hell of a lot to do with where we are at.
I took a moment today to give serious thought to the passing of my life as it happens all about me. A strange feeling came over me as I had to ask of myself, is this my life as it passes, or am I just passing through it? Am I a spectator of what’s going on, or am I being a participant?
There is nothing extraordinary about my little… revelation, I even chuckled aloud as it came to me, so convinced I was of how many countless souls had formed that same inquiry of their lives since man could form a thought.
Then something struck me quite solidly, I blinked reflexively at the notion it was so strong a sensation. No Matter how many, how often, or common a question of oneself that I had posed, the force of its importance on me was certain and absolute. Am I just letting life pass along ..or am I living that life .. each and every moment I can?
I have to tell you, I am not sure of the answer, but I can tell you this. Merely asking it of myself has changed much in me. And whatever the answer eventually shows itself to be I will never forget the moment it occurred to me to ask it of myself, as I am sure it did to everybody else who ever did the same.
I wrote this in July, 2012, and though I seldom give great importance to my own revelatory moments that pertain solely to me,(as they more commonly represent a moment of insight into some long standing measure of idiocy just realized) yet on this day the force of this blindsiding epiphany was so great the aftershocks of it still ripple through my thoughts to this day.
My life has known its share of challenges, more than a few of which I have failed to meet, some of which quite spectacularly., but an awareness of that which is happening in ones life is not alone enough to quantify it to oneself, or to the world around it. This was something I learned that day, even if I am still working on the merits of that lesson for me.

Let’s talk about Free Speech, but you’ll need to keep that Secret, AG Holder Offers the Press.

English: Official portrait of United States At...

English: Official portrait of United States Attorney General Eric Holder Español: Retrato oficial de Fiscal General de los Estados Unidos Eric Holder (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

For The record I am not partisan. If you don’t believe me do to the fact I am about to excoriate Attorney General Eric Holder for what I believe is a clear violation of the First Amendment, then ask yourself why, cause You will be the only one who cares cause I sure wont.

Eric holder seems to have a memory problem, and is at the least unsure what his justice department is doing.

On the Associated Press debacle, which now is blooming into quite a “thorough” investigation as thousands of calls, emails, and texts were tracked read and monitored, Holder offers this.

Here is an excerpt from the HuffPost.


The Attorney General recused himself from the leak investigation that wound up targeting the AP, so he had a handy way to avoid answering any questions about it when he was called before the House Judiciary Committee on Wednesday.

“I was not the person involved in that decision,” he told Bob Goodlatte, the chairman of the committee. “I was recused in that matter.”

So He Recused Himself. HMMM..  Given the scope, and the how grave a threat to national security this was I’m sure he knows exactly when he did, less he taint the investigation with suggestions of impropriety…Yet We have this.

Attorney General Eric Holder told the House Judiciary Committee he recused himself from the leak investigation involving sweeping surveillance of the Associated Press because he was a “fact witness,” meaning he had access to the classified data at issue and was questioned about it. But he can’t recall when he recused himself.


So.. He recused himself.. but.. doesn’t remember when, and there is no written record…

Ehhh.. It could happen..

Next there is the strange case of Foxnews Reporter James Rosen.. who was investigated by the justice department.

*Yes I know… I know… Its fox news so who cares if it was legal.. or ethical.. or a violation of free speech.. its not like the specific targeting of one political group by a government agency .. cause THAT never happens…

(*)said with Eye rolling sarcasm

Eric Holder, on the investigation of the press.. had this to say..

Holder’s testimony before the panel came just days after the Justice Department confirmed that it had obtained the telephone records of several Associated Press reporters. During the hearing, Holder was asked about the use of the Espionage Act to prosecute journalists, and Holder said that prosecutions against reporters usually do not succeed. He also said that he had never been personally involved in the potential prosecution of a journalist who disclosed sensitive material.

That is not something that I have ever been involved in, or would think would be a wise policy,” Holder told the panel.

*Seems Legit.. I mean his word is his bond right…

(*) You already know what  the asterisk means..

However.. it seems there is a bit of a complication.. a bump in testimony road so to speak.

WASHINGTON, May 28 (Reuters) – U.S. Attorney General Eric  Holder personally approved a decision to subpoena Fox News  telephone records as the Justice Department investigated an  unauthorized leak regarding North Korea, officials said on  Tuesday.


I have to tell you, when you have the Huffpost calling out ANYBODY in the Obama Administration, on behalf of a Fox News Reporter, that’s some next level shit right there.

SO Holder, with his dangleys  caught in the spin Machine good and proper, He decides to “Open a Dialoge” with the  lords of the press and make things all better.. come clean.. so to speak..

Yet  what he offered was a “Off the Record parlay”

This is what he got for his hubris.

Washington (CNN) – Attorney General Eric Holder’s plans to sit down with media representatives to discuss guidelines for handling investigations into leaks to the news media have run into trouble.

The Associated Press issued a statement Wednesday objecting to plans for the meetings to be off the record. “If it is not on the record, AP will not attend and instead will offer our views on how the regulations should be updated in an open letter,” said Erin Madigan White, the AP’s media relations manager. The New York Times is taking the same position. “It isn’t appropriate for us to attend an off-the-record meeting with the attorney general,” executive editor Jill Abramson said in a statement.

(CNN reporting this story also Declined as well, Along almost all major News Outlets)


Folks I got to tell you.. been a while sense the “Media” in this country has been on the same page about anything, and that page is freedom of speech, and from persecution for things said that one political party or another just doesn’t like.

That ..Having been Said.. (shameless plug)

Looks like they are this time.. and we are better for it that’s for sure.

One night on the Anu Heska, a look into Eaglesong, Book one of the Eun Trilogy.


Picture actually taken as I was writing this chapter.

Picture actually taken as I was writing Eaglesong.

This is the prologue to my first novel, Book one of the Eun trilogy, Eaglesong. Please read, comment if you will.


Crisp winds swirled about a lonely figure, sitting in the wash of shadows on a perch overlooking the plains below. The chill winds of the Heskan night were lit by a late winter moon and carried the sounds of song and laughter, the smells of roasted meats and herbs.  The origin of these could be seen in the flicker of lanterns just beyond the crag’s base.

Each night was the same, and he had spent so many now, that he could know the voices, even who cooked that night, and what.  The collection of huts and buildings were home to generations of a family; a tribal people that had lived in happiness, and peace, for centuries, as kingdoms rose and fell around it.

They were an island of hope amidst the great expanse of the Anu Heska, and that thought brought a sad smile to the one who had watched over them. He could see other such beacons of kindness and humanity dotting the horizon.

In the years that he had spent in his vigil, he had come to understand that these simple people of the great heskan plains were the most noble of beings that lived on Eun, though they themselves would hardly claim such a title.

Among the Shenoon, as they were known, none represented that more than those he had watched and guarded. It was in their blood that this should be so, for they were descendents of greatness, in more ways than one.

One among them would become the greatest of warriors, while another carried the hope of all the world of Eun within them.

It was because of this that he had kept watch, against an enemy that would one day come, and bring with it death and sorrow.

That day was nearly upon them, much sooner than had been expected. He had always hoped for time to prepare those in whom the future would now be decided. The evil that threatened them all now loomed larger, for the most dangerous of secrets they had uncovered, one that had been kept for two thousand years, a secret he had lived with all his days.

All that had stood between the return of evil so great, that all living things upon Eun shared its peril, was that the servants of that dark threat, the lord of Demons, had never known the truth of how they had been beaten so long ago.

It had been no small feat that it had lasted this long, in fact one could argue that such secrets seldom last from one day to the next, much less whole millennia. Yet despite such impossible odds, many had lived, and many more had died, dedicated to keeping that secret from becoming known to countless Tyrants and servants of evil over the centuries.  For once revealed to those whom the whispers of Avthroz might be heard, all might be lost.

He had lost many friends, and though he knew many had died giving their own lives willfully, their memory was all the more painful because not only was he part of the effort to keep that secret. He was the secret.

He, like so many before him, had been caretaker of a priceless burden, one that insured that a victory against great evil so long ago remained so.

Now his time as wanderer and caretaker were nearly over, and he would pass this burden, this most precious of secrets, on to another. He had watched them grow from children to the edge of adulthood, taking heart in the fact that even though still young he could see the greatness within them. This helped to ease the fear that came in knowing that they were not just the one that would take his place, they were the only one that now could.

“Too soon” he said aloud, though there was nothing more than the rocks and the wind to bear witness to his words. Even as he spoke them, he felt the subtle tingling of the arcane power tainted with blackness that told him it had begun.

He leapt from his perch and started down the rocks that had been his home for nearly a dozen winters, moving among them as if he were one of the shadows from the moonlight. He had many leagues to go before the morning came; a morning that would either mark the beginning of the final moves in a battle that began so many years ago, or the beginning of the end, for all of Eun.


Sunset. (Excerpt 10,000 Sleepless Nights)

WP_001674 (2)

by Sam Bailey, on Thursday, June 17, 2010

There are no rays of sun that fall upon me this day, for my life is beset with a bleakness that hides hope and forgiveness in the blackest shadows of the coming storm. There is no sign of shelter in the distance, and my thoughts swirl about like stinging sand caught up in a gale. I plod on with a stride that’s a mixture of a anxious shuffle, and a resigned gait fit for the gallows. There is no promise of warmth waiting, no solace of a certain destination, filled with warmth and laughter, to mark my arrival, or this journeys end.
Yet.. even amidst the foreground of this maelstrom, this certain reckoning of all that I have said and done… there is a moment where I see something that steals fate’s grim reverie..
Beyond all imagining.. beyond our unrelenting despair.. just before the night of my dreams comes upon me.. I see the shinning light of the future..
Beneath the storm of Me and before the dark takes hold.. the light breaks free and washes over me.
The sunset, shows its beauty, forgiveness, redemption, and peace.
So I wait for that moment.. knowing this time may end.. but there is still a light to guide us out there.

Calling BullShit on the “religion of peace”


I have been a stalwart in my “belief” that “religion” in its many varied shades and hues across this Blue and Green Orb hurling through space serves the occupants upon it, for the most part, benignly.

I  have friends whom are both deeply religious, and adamantly Atheistic, and within each “group” many good people can be found, cherished friends amidst both groups.

My own views on “Religion”.. can be best described as.. A “none of your damned business”.. approach.

I don’t judge or validate a person by there “beliefs”  But I sure as hell,(sorry Atheists, I love my southern colloquialisms and aint givin em up) will judge or validate a person based on how they present those “beliefs” In how they act.

Being a good person or a bad person is about what you do, and I only look at the why of what a person does if they are being tools.. Assholes are not mutually exclusive to either groups.

So now that I have explained my own self absorbed sense of judgment,, on to the religion of assholes that fueled this post.

So we hear all the itsourfaultists talk about Islam being SOOOO misunderstood.. and they write Shit like this.

Lets read aloud shall we..


Love this part.. makes me feel all mosquety…

The very word Islam, which means “surrender,” is related to the Arabic salam, or  peace. When the Prophet Muhammad brought the inspired scripture known as the  Koran to the Arabs in the early 7th century A.D., a major part of his mission  was devoted precisely to bringing an end to the kind of mass slaughter we  witnessed in New York City and Washington.

Yep you read right.. and would you all like to call BullShit with me, lets do it together as we read.. The rest of the story..(Paul Harvey owes me lunch money so I can do a poorly timed and mean spirited imitation of him. just saying)

Here is a excerpt from a Textbook as shown in the story below.

One text reads in part: ‘The hour (of judgment)  will not come until the Muslims fight the Jews and kill them. There is a Jew  behind me come and kill him.’

Read more: http://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article-2077658/The-Arabic-textbooks-children-chop-hands-feet-Sharia-law.html#ixzz2UgsntkBf
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Yeah.. That’s peaceful as Shit aint it.

I really try not to single out an one “faith” for scrutiny or criticism.. Do to my own so called “beliefs” but every now again you have to call Bullshit where you see It.

So I am gonna call Bullshit on Islam.. A religion of peace.