Put a dress on a Jihadist, what do you Get?

I am unapologetic in my open disdain for radical extremists of any type. I think Timothy McVeigh was  the crusty stuff on a baboon’s scrote, and I think Bill Ayers is the sticky stuff on the floor of a Bangkok Cab. And many, many more could be listed here.

 They are harbingers of hate and murder.

People such as these, are the worst of us.. They see the end justifies the means, that whatever they are set to accomplish, murder is just another tool in the box.

And then there are the Jihadists.

I have went to bat time and again for the value of “religion” as a useful tool for mankind. That most, taken in their entirety have as a sum total a measure of beneficence that brings good to the people who serve it. Yes, there are various parts of various faiths, that stretch the bounds of reason or are contradictory unto themselves that some can find no congruence for it in their lives.

Then there are the bat shit crazy parts, and the bat shit crazy people who follow it. 

These jihadists, as they call themselves, take radical extremists to a whole new dimension, and no not the puff, puff, pass kind.  They murder, maim, destroy, in the name of a god.

Now a days there is a lot of flak being fired at religion, not in general,. just the ones that currently have broken parts that really upset the agenda minded. THOSE  religions are being given the business, ridiculed, mocked, and at times systematically attacked by those who see the broken parts as plenty enough reason to shit can them.

Now as for THAT ONE religion whose most excitable members give themselves the name Jihadist, and well they kill lots of people, wherever they can, and then brag that they did it, for their “God,” Not much is said about them, except that with them, the rest of us are the reason for the killing, all our policies and crimes and whatnot.

With them, its us.

And here, right on cue, I call Bulshit, again…

And I have back up, from a strange source no less.

I don’t read the huff very often, why, cause its mostly bias,(and if you don’t think so you probably are to) I don’t listen to Limbaugh, Alex jones, or The Daily Kos Either for the same reason.( I reserve my bias for my favorite sports teams, scotch, music, etc,)

Yet this Doctor/Musician/ muslim/Athiest.. nails it on the huffpost.


Here is the quote that hit me right in the reason box of my head, which is quite small considering the head.

“In the aftermath of the Boston Marathon bombings and the foiled al Qaeda-backed plot in Toronto, the “anything but jihad” brigade is out in full force again. If the perpetrators of such attacks say they were influenced by politics, nationalism, money, video games or hip-hop, we take their answers at face value. But when they repeatedly and consistently cite their religious beliefs as their central motivation, we back off, stroke our chins and suspect that there has to be something deeper at play, a “root cause.” “

 , 05/03/2013 10:09 pm

Booom!, he called it like it is, period.

The article goes on to talk about Atheism versus Religion.. in what has to be deemed  a fair discussion  and I am not arguing the merits of either in this blog.

 I’m just saying some things are what they are no matter if they fit your “bias” or not.

Cause if you put a Jihadist in a dress, what do you get, nothing but a shit stain in a nightgown, and not the kind the cleaners pretend they didn’t notice when its drop off by tall, swarth and jihadi type.











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