Im Playing the Race card, The “Human race” card actually..

UPDATE!! Only one of the three brothers are being charged! editing post to reflect this, guilt by assication is not what I am about.

APTOPIX Missing Women Found

by S.E.Bailey on 05/07/13        

As I took to my chair this morning with  Coffee ready, I started my daily perusal of various sites to get my info fix.

Of course, the story of the morning, is that of three missing women, now found, alive, just south of downtown of Cleveland, OH, and the sordid and horrific details that followed.

First of all, I want to extend my sympathies and good wishes to the victims and their families, may you all heal with grace and swiftness, I am sending much love and good vibes your way.

That Having Been Said…(yeah, I went there even with this)

The *three(one) …well ,what do I call *them (it).. I mean the one thing I can’t bring myself to call *them(it) is  “human”.. that were arrested on charges of Kidnapping and Imprisonment… are so evil in my eyes so incomprehensibly Evil, I have to believe that they are not human.. Why?..

Well for one I just do not want to believe that my fellow man brothers and sisters of the Human race.. The only Race that I recognize….ever.. Could be capable of such diabolical acts. It’s a matter of racial pride I suppose, and for that I am at odds, as  I abhor such behavior with every fiber of my being, yet I am compelled to relate my true feelings on this matter.

This… *”Thing” that stole Ten years from three beautiful young ladies, and as for what they may have suffered while in this hell, I wont even put it to words.. I will not add to the pain by committing it to print. Theses *aberration of genetic matter, useless sacks of flesh actually, should be dealt with accordingly..  Like with  all bio hazards.. grind *them(it) up,  and dispose of in heavy duty trash bags and shot into orbit … or something.. because whatever *it is, is are not of the Human Race, and I don’t want to risk them contaminating my fellow man.


(*) Edit to reflect correction.


2 thoughts on “Im Playing the Race card, The “Human race” card actually..

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