Beware of those whom make use of your words.(Even when they shouldn’t be listening)

UPDATE!! AP wiretaps by the DoJ where to say the least.. liberal.. (yeah, I went there)


Once upon a time journalism was, as it should be, the great checking force against those who would abuse power in this nation.

Then as it is now, they were individuals, ones with their own ideas, beliefs, even prejudices, and though they did not always achieve a purity in objectivity, the labored at it none the less for integrity and professionalism was what mattered to them and each other.

They served a nation, all of us, in peace and in war.

But as with all matters, time changes things

I have commonly railed about the ” Bias ” of the media overall. So much about who will report, and what they will say, about anything and everything, is based almost slowly on what cause needs to furthered, what agenda needs to be advanced, and what spin would serve either.

Such choices, it seems are not without consequence, and apparently do not reward the loyal.

Even biased journalism, as sad and as damaging a thing that might be, they should have an absolute expectation that they are not be spied upon, by even a government they favor.

That having been said… It is a very disturbing thing when it does happen, and even more disturbing is the potential reasons why.


UPDATE!! The reaction of The Associated Press.


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