When the law serves only those who break it.


Everyone is titled to a spirited defense, All men created Equal, Innocent till proven Guilty..  and countless other catch phrases that we have all learned verbatim from even more countless trials on TV, movie, and print, both real, and imagined, through the decades.

Truth be told, most of us who know the world legal from the outside looking in, see crime and punishment in all its romanticized glory, and probably thinks the system works.

I use too..

But every now and again, I am reminded that there are perversions so heinous that  we are left wondering why it was never shown on the NCICSI Law and Judge Judy Mega court Channel.. or something…

Below is an example of just how F^&Ked it has gotten


So the Organism that goes by the Name Ariel Castro(I REFUSE to acknowledge “it” as a human Being), is pleading not guilty.

Here is a quote from “it’s” Attorney the oh so parasitic  Craig Weintraub

Weintraub says it’s unfair and offensive that “The media and the community want to demonize this man before they know the whole story.”

I see.. just another innocent victim of horrible and baseless allegations by terrible liars..

Right here I call  Bullshit.. loudly with disgust.

Why .. would I challenge such a “spirited defense” of his client/organism.


 Here is just a piece of the story above.. which makes me literally sick with anger.

“All the bedroom doors in the house had padlocks on the outside, and the rooms were spare, with only a mattress on the floor. Their movement through the house was very restricted, the women told authorities.

“If he left for long periods of time, he would sometimes duct-tape-up the women over all parts of their faces, even their eyes, only leaving an opening so they could breathe. Then he would just rip it off, pulling off skin and hair,” one of the sources said.”

Setting aside the fact that I would  personally compete in a “race across Death valley  wearing a rubber suit, bare footed, reality show just for the chance to be able to go after the “organism” with a  flaming straight razor and club studded with rock salt , or that Weintrab proves its ok to hate attorneys, There is the issue of how that .. “defense”  will effect the “Alleged Victims”

Weintraub, in the pursuit of justice, by defending Castro, and declaring him not guilty, humanizing what is not human, tells his(Castro) victims that they are to be called liars and more.

Is this how we define.. Justice?

When law serves no longer the society it that instituted it, and only those who violate it, what then?









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