If it goes to the top, what then?


We are a polarized nation, where the best form of political expression is  to be as degrading and insulting to whatever opposing party not ours as we can possibly be.

Civility… gone.

Integrity.. tossed..

Respect.. Are you f&*king kidding me?!

Hate is the standard of the day, ruthless unapologetic hate..

I could go on about why I think this has happened.. but such an endeavor has no merit, for those that are hating revel in it now.

A prime example, The I.R.S.

I have to tell you, I could not have imagined that I would have ever lived in a country, where something like this could happen(Read Below)


Now, to be religious, specifically Christian, in this nation now means two things, your a target, and you will be persecuted.

Even by their own government.


And as delicious an irony that is for those who are eating that up like vegan candy, it is to say the least unjust.

So where does this originate, is it a isolated manifestation of societal extremes, or is it a common theme of the powers that be.

Let me be clear… As of yet, we don’t know, and I say yet because there is reason now to make sure, for the sake of the public trust, to completely investigate as to whether the Obama administration knew.. so far we have this.


That is not a smoking gun, but its cocked and locked for damn sure..

We deserve better, all of us, and this is a very scary thing none the less.

To be persecuted, just for what you think. Not to far removed from such Crazy notions as being persecuted for the color of your skin, or sexual orientations is it?




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