A Movie review from a not so Reformed Nerd.


SO I went to see  Star Trek, into the darkness.. (pause for effect) Those who peruse my posts from time to time(or ignore them whenever I might espouse a quasi political view that makes them a bit itchy) Have seen me lambaste a movie or two.. SO as for J.J Abrams work in the reboot 2.0 of what I believe to be a integral part of the American consciousness. I have a few words that I wish to opine.. (pause for effect, and to irritate) … This movie…  WAS AMAZING! It was clear that Abrams both loved and revered the material, gave it a frenetic yet enthralling pace,  crafting brilliant sequences  that let his actors shine. Pine and Quinto (as Kirk and Spock prospectively )clearly knew  the importance of the icons they played that Roddenberry created that speaks to the best of us. And Cumberbatch.. who I didn’t quite get the Hype before seeing “Into the Dartkness” I damn sight do now. He (Cumberbatch) is the best Trek Villain Ever.. The Movie kept me on the edge of my seat through out its oh to short length( just a Vulcan Eyebrow over 2 hours) and reminded me what I loved all along about Star Trek( except for installment # 5 in the movies, someone should be ritualistically beaten once a week for a decade for that one) ..Stars, Phasers, and Mini Skirts.. Nuff Said

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