Being a cheap drunk and not even knowing it, TGIF’s double switch with the Bottom Shelf to fatten the till.


Those of us whom imbibe a wee dram or two of a fine Single Malt, or to whom Jack and Coke is a fine compliment to your afternoon, know there drinks and drink them by choice.

I am not advocating drinking(unless it is 18 year old Highland park, then yes I am) but people who chose to, should get what they paid for, and not get the rotgut from the bottom shelf

And here is an example of when that happened.. a lot.

First of all, even Cheap whiskey will cost you some coin, and a hangover, and we have all went bottom shelf a time or two to get our drink on, drown a really bad day, or make for a weekend we would never forget .. if we could only remember it.

The truth of it, some folks actually like to savor a good drink, be it whiskey, or whine, absent of over indulgence and with an appreciation for how some things make a good moment great.

These dives(which half were TGI Fridays) did more than rip off their patrons with the class of a speak easy serving bath tub gin, they disrespected the spirit of the spirits, and made cheap themselves, in addition to the rotgut they peddled.

True some were fooled could have known no better,  but those of us who the Single Malt is savored fondly, know Balvenie from Cluny with no more than a nose, just like those deush knozzles who pulled a pour and switch.


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