A cold house while your away could make for a desperate housewife day, at least in taliban land.


I relish moments which I can write with unabashed sarcasm, revel in my own bombastic, mocking, snarking, jeesh what an A-hole way.

Why? Because Its, well, fun.

I usually reserve it for events and individuals of such unmitigated dueshary(yea, that’s a made up word) that I fear that my head might burst(or at the least drip brain juice) for being unable to withstand the power of its idiocy upon me.

Yeppers.. this is one of the times.

Behold, the opinion of the Tool of the century award winner.


So.. women should .. live without Air conditioning while the MAN.. is out doing his man thing(many of the A-holes that believe this crap cruising the Desert burbs for homes with the AC on)  so nobody thinks your home.. and because being comfortable makes you sexually aroused and promiscuous, cause everybody knows that…(sarcasm in full rant mode here)

So yeah its time call Bullshit, right here

Forgetting the fact that’s so unbearably stupid, and that a vast majority of Muslim Women live in the DESERT, where the temperature inside a structure can reach 120+ deg F. , its the implication that women are so morally bankrupt, that a change in temps make them adulterous Vipers.

Well I have something to say to you,  Mr.Cleric Corn Hole.. why don’t you just  take a deep breath, take a fistful of Anti-Psychotics that no doubt are in copious supply in your Wahhabi Medicine cabinet .. and Go F&*K yourself.

In air conditioning comfort of course..


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