The freedom of speech hard won and hard lost, and the frightening similarities of both.


I am American who thinks the I.R.S targeting conservative(tea party) groups was a pretty big deal.

Now the disclaimer required do to the vitriolic Bias that is our national discourse.

* I am not a member of a tea party, in fact I prefer to drink my tea alone, or in the intimate company of a good book. I am not a “conservative” Liberal” “Vegan” “Progressive” ” anarchist” ” fascist” “communist” or the member of the “ninja midget supremacists”

(*) If I missed an “ist” an “an” or an “ive” that concerns you.. your some kind of luntatic fringe and the political rules say I can ignore you.

Now that we have that out of the way .. Lets get to the heart of the matter.


As a writer, this is the most cherished of laws for me. So Sacrosanct that I have been known to defend its application to individuals and groups that well, I think suck…

I personally believe, and I keep my own counsel on whatever that may be, that one of the primary purposes of the targeting of those groups by the I.R.S was to marginalize and by that silence them as it related to the political views they espoused.

Silence them because what they thought didn’t match a certain idealistic sway.

Well perhaps we might take a lesson from when we made a stab at democracy for others… and pretty much screwed the pooch in the effort.

Here is a quote from that article.. one that sent a cool chill down my spine..

“He stands accused of “abusing democratic freedoms to infringe on the interests of the state”, a charge that could bring a maximum seven years in jail, the report said.”

His crime(The blogger,Truong Duy Nhat, 49, ) well it can be summed up in the name of his blog, “A Different Viewpoint”.

Folks, like the Tea party or not, I would no sooner have them silenced than myself, for liberty isn’t always pretty, nor were the means of the freedom that gave birth to it.

Cause when we find ourselves ready to silence our opponents or even sitting by and doing nothing while someone else does, liberty and freedom have started their death knell.


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