Words.. (Excerpt from 10,000 Sleepless Nights.)


S.E. Bailey (Notes)

Original written Sunday, March 4, 2012.

The power of words..

I have always held a reverent awe of the force that can be wielded with the words we speak.. and hear. I think of a father.. and the soul changing force ..when his child first calls him such.. a son, whom in his darkest hour as he slumps defeated hears the pride in his fathers voice.. The daughter.. who feels beautiful for her father tells her so.. or the mother who feels complete as their child says “thank you” for the person they are.. or the brother or sister who looks to the same.. who rises up because they are told.. I am here.

The teacher who .. hears the expectant question asked.. the student who listens as the world is revealed.. the scholar.. who learns.. what he has found will be remembered.. the scientist who speaks.. and progress takes hold

The officer.. whose soldiers brace couragously at their command.. the poet who watches as their stanzas alight a soul.. the friend who sees his advice will make right..

A minister.. whose sermon brings pennance.. The priest .. whose benediction gives peace.

The warrior.. whose rally call make heros.. The leader.. whose just proclamations brings peace..

The lover.. whose confessions brings union.. The Prophet.. whose conviction changes fate..

This has been the power of words.. as they have been and they will be again.

I will always use them.. cherish them.. need them.. For the Power of words.. has been that which makes me…ME


One thought on “Words.. (Excerpt from 10,000 Sleepless Nights.)

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