For Liberties Sake.

Lady Liberty at Sunset, New York, NY

Lady Liberty at Sunset, New York, NY (Photo credit: Grufnik)

I may confuse some with what my political proclivities might be, and I believe that may be because I eschew Politics for a common sense of humanity that’s as fair as I can see it amidst my own Bias(as all human beings possess)
People who l…ove each other, and will live in union in honor of that love.. the nature of what defines that is none..of my damn business.
I believe people are entitled to their beliefs, and can be held accountable for them, but they have a right to be heard.
People who oppose something because of their beliefs should have the same right of voice as those who may support it..
But Liberty must prevail, regardless.
Here is a example of where I think it did.

Warning, May cause laughter induced incontinence.


So Damn Funny. Lord of the rings, an honest trailer.

One night on the Anu Heska, a look into Eaglesong, Book one of the Eun Trilogy.


This is the prologue to my first novel, Book one of the Eun trilogy, Eaglesong. Please read, comment if you will.


Crisp winds swirled about a lonely figure, sitting in the wash of shadows on a perch overlooking the plains below. The chill winds of the Heskan night were lit by a late winter moon and carried the sounds of song and laughter, the smells of roasted meats and herbs.  The origin of these could be seen in the flicker of lanterns just beyond the crag’s base.

Each night was the same, and he had spent so many now, that he could know the voices, even who cooked that night, and what.  The collection of huts and buildings were home to generations of a family; a tribal people that had lived in happiness, and peace, for centuries, as kingdoms rose and fell around it.

They were an island of hope amidst the great expanse of the Anu Heska, and that thought brought a sad smile to the one who had watched over them. He could see other such beacons of kindness and humanity dotting the horizon.

In the years that he had spent in his vigil, he had come to understand that these simple people of the great heskan plains were the most noble of beings that lived on Eun, though they themselves would hardly claim such a title.

Among the Shenoon, as they were known, none represented that more than those he had watched and guarded. It was in their blood that this should be so, for they were descendents of greatness, in more ways than one.

One among them would become the greatest of warriors, while another carried the hope of all the world of Eun within them.

It was because of this that he had kept watch, against an enemy that would one day come, and bring with it death and sorrow.

That day was nearly upon them, much sooner than had been expected. He had always hoped for time to prepare those in whom the future would now be decided. The evil that threatened them all now loomed larger, for the most dangerous of secrets they had uncovered, one that had been kept for two thousand years, a secret he had lived with all his days.

All that had stood between the return of evil so great, that all living things upon Eun shared its peril, was that the servants of that dark threat, the lord of Demons, had never known the truth of how they had been beaten so long ago.

It had been no small feat that it had lasted this long, in fact one could argue that such secrets seldom last from one day to the next, much less whole millennia. Yet despite such impossible odds, many had lived, and many more had died, dedicated to keeping that secret from becoming known to countless Tyrants and servants of evil over the centuries.  For once revealed to those whom the whispers of Avthroz might be heard, all might be lost.

He had lost many friends, and though he knew many had died giving their own lives willfully, their memory was all the more painful because not only was he part of the effort to keep that secret. He was the secret.

He, like so many before him, had been caretaker of a priceless burden, one that insured that a victory against great evil so long ago remained so.

Now his time as wanderer and caretaker were nearly over, and he would pass this burden, this most precious of secrets, on to another. He had watched them grow from children to the edge of adulthood, taking heart in the fact that even though still young he could see the greatness within them. This helped to ease the fear that came in knowing that they were not just the one that would take his place, they were the only one that now could.

“Too soon” he said aloud, though there was nothing more than the rocks and the wind to bear witness to his words. Even as he spoke them, he felt the subtle tingling of the arcane power tainted with blackness that told him it had begun.

He leapt from his perch and started down the rocks that had been his home for nearly a dozen winters, moving among them as if he were one of the shadows from the moonlight. He had many leagues to go before the morning came; a morning that would either mark the beginning of the final moves in a battle that began so many years ago, or the beginning of the end, for all of Eun.




Stirring up Hate Cold War style, Another reason Putin Sucks.

English: Vladimir Putin in KGB uniform Deutsch...

English: Vladimir Putin in KGB uniform Deutsch: Der junge Wladimir Putin in KGB-Uniform Français : Vladimir Poutine en uniforme du KGB (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

I have commented before on my thoughts about Jihadists. The Hate that fuels them to be a cancer for all mankind is not something I feel compelled to dissect, nor will I take the apologist tact of assuming that “It must be something we did for them to hate us so” either because I Think that’s a batshit crazy Idea.

As It turns Out, there is someone to blame, at least in part for that Hate.

The Komitet gosudarstvennoy bezopasnosti (KGB)

Here is the article that puts them right at the heart of Fomenting that Hate.

Here is an excerpt that just tickles me.

Pacepa and Rychlak conclude that much of the  anti-American sentiment in the Middle East and elsewhere can be traced back to  Soviet clandestine operations, in which he himself played a major role.

So all this reckless hate, well the seeds were sown when the cold war raged, by the efforts of the KGB.

Now for those who don’t know it Vladimir Putin, or as I like to refer to him, The greatest tool of our Time, Was a Member of the KGB, during this time, at a policy making level.

Currently He supports the regimes in Syria, Iran, Venezuela, and Cuba.

Basically the places where human rights mean the least, and freedom is a rather dubious thing.

It should come as no surprise that he is harboring NSA leaker Snowden, as he has a history of F*&king us over that’s as expansive as his  ENORMOUS ego.

I have personal resentments for him which I will only mention in passing,  but by and large, he is as big a threat to mankind as Stalin ever was, he just hasn’t made good on those threats yet the way old red Joe did.

So the next Terror threat they talk about, and sadly the next attack that takes innocent lives, remember who stirred it up, and who gains the most in our downfall.

Also when you see a picture of that Tool, Putin, flip it(and him) off.. add a nice expletive laced insult if your in the mood, you might just feel better..

I always do.

16 Life Lessons from Monty Python and the Holy Grail

Monty Python and the Holy Grail

Monty Python and the Holy Grail (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

16 Life Lessons from Monty Python and the Holy Grail.

The Holy Grail is a masterwork of comedy and life. I am reblogging because this is just brilliant,

White House deletes factual Tweet about presidential hurricanes

I sent a tweet to commentator @greggutfeld on twitter on this, I told Mr. Goddard I was stupefied.

Watts Up With That?

This makes you wonder what the White House sees as threatening about this information?


NYT’s Andrew Revkin points out the inanity of it:

Let’s do some fact checking.

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Environmental Protection Agency Seal

Environmental Protection Agency Seal

(Photo credit: DonkeyHotey)

Why sometimes goverment sucks.

The EPA has become the land of Eco-Deush-Nazis. These folks lives were completely devastated, and they(EPA) can’t even pay attention to who can and cant be extorted.

EPA.. I call Bullshit on you..