When there is no echo.(An ode to my place in this world)


by Sam Bailey  on Tuesday, March 9, 2010

There are times when we stand and all the world could be arrayed before us in a sunlit splendor as to see the earth’s turn fall away in the hues of heaven’s distant embrace.

We would be so bold in this moment to feel our backs arch; our spine grow rigid and our shoulders take on a proud countenance as we feel that we not just  belong to the brilliance of the spectacle that we are amidst, but somehow it is ours, that such a thing could belong to anyone.

We waiver, a sliver of doubt, just for a moment, for the frailty of us, the smallness that brought us there tries to remind us we belong, but as  part, and we can take from that what we can, if we endure in that smallness, and not be lost.

It is too much , It is too big, That, which make us believe that all we see, belongs to us..We cry out, a shout that is proud, and so very, very sure….

Only to it there is no response.

and we are left with nothing to take, as we all ways are… When there is  Echo.


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