Life in slow motion. (One day on the Edisto)


There are so many times when life just races along past us and before we know it, the best of moments that were to be memories have left us behind. Then there are times where its all happening so fast that we just can’t keep up, that we long for each second to multiply for us, just give a little more to grab the rings and catch our breaths. Then, every now and again, often when we least expect, life and time commiserate on the nature of their passings and in those precious instances, we can catch a glimpse at all that life can be, has been, all at once.
Every heartbeat is an eternity, each breath the coming and going of the tide, the blink of our eyes the rising and setting of the sun.
We can be all, do all.. and dreams and what they hold are all ours to unleash.
Then, time once again takes up its march, and life falls in lockstep right beside it till the day it reaches its point of departure from the other.
Neither aware of the instant it showed us, and the lifetime we found in it.


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