Time Taken, Time Lost.(Excerpt from 10,000 Sleepless Nights)


by Sam Bailey (Notes) on Thursday, April 14, 2011 at 12:42am

Time…. How much?

Those that have known me..  could reflect on the acuity of this question, as It may relate to me..

I should be one that cherishes every moment,  to bask in each succulent instance as I draw forth the marrow of Life with each passing breath.

I would do this. I would be the flame in the tallow of fates candle.

But I can not, because I beset with memories awash in regret and loss.

I weep for what was.. I wander the halls of my own recollections searching for That which I once was, before I knew of time.

I can not live, what remains mine to live, because always I am  in the midst of life already lived, in the memories of how I lived it.

I would ask of Time, How much remains.. Not in the measure of what is left for me to claim, but how long till I am free of it… in remembrance of how poorly it has been spent.

I hope the answer comes soon, for always It is with me… that question of Time

It has taken years for me to grasp what was lost due to the Apnea. I wrote this in the midst of that struggle to understand what time had been taken from me. As I wrote it, I became suddenly aware of the time I was losing fixating on the Time I had Lost.

This “event” of writing reflects that awareness.


One thought on “Time Taken, Time Lost.(Excerpt from 10,000 Sleepless Nights)

  1. Reblogged this on What Say you and commented:

    I Often Speak about “Returning to Center” As a way to explain the behavior of some, as they collect themselves amidst their own lives. Here then should that term apply also to me.. both then and now.

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