Music is at the Heart of all of it.


Philosopher, Musician, And a Best Friend.


Musician, Bohemian, And a Best Friend.


These are the Lyrics to a song wrote with Bruce Standiford, and Eddie Be many years ago. Music is my first and best love, and it has been a blessing of mine to have such amazing friends, that are musicians. Sadly, there isn’t a recording of the song, A matter I intend to rectify.

Here’s to Sangria, Scotch, and Boiled Peanuts.

You said that you’d never cry, over somebodies death, you made that pretty clear to see. Well what if things changed a bit, what if it was me instead, would you my baby, cry for me.

They could lay me out in a big white box, with flowers that I’d like best, even put a pink carnation on my chest. Then they all would sing some sad old dirge, and the preacher would make them cry, would then my baby your eyes be dry

You said you’d never cry. Never cry

They could take me out in that white box, and take me for one last ride, and every body could follow along behind. We could all gather down by the old road mill, where we first kissed but swore not to tell. would then my baby your eyes be dry as well.

You said you’d never cry you wont ever cry.

They could lay me down by the old oak tree, where we use to run and play, mark it with some big cold stone and that’s where I’d lay.

Would you speak to me in soft tones, would you talk with me all night, would you be there in the morning light.

You said you’d never cry.

Here is a link of Bruce and Eddie playing “Redemption Song.”



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