Sentimental Regret. (A Post Biographical Revelation)


Hindsight is both the most profound proof of man’s intelligence and the Bane of Mankind all at once. Our ability not to simply learn from a mistake, compounded by whatever sense of loss, doubt, or regret…. that propels our actions moving forward, But how we will justify almost anything based on the wounds to our Psyche that mistake has wrought.

To this I will speak of my own actions, as I find myself awash in the reflections of so much of my life in hindsight, and the specter of Sentimental Regret.

What is Sentimental Regret, well I will define it as it pertains to my own world. For me, it is that act of investing my heart and or to laden with guilt, those actions or choices(Many during the life of Sleep Deprivation) that I know.. I should have acted or chose differently.

“If I would have realized it was my last chance, I would have taken her Seriously”

” Had I known I would never see her alive again, I would have told my mother I love you”

“I could have done much more with my Life, Had my mind not been broken by no Sleep”

“Given what I feel Now, I would have had a child with Someone who would have wanted one with me”

These are a few of the most poignant examples of Sentiments of Regret and the damage done to my life, and others, not because I lacked the Hindsight to recognize them for the life altering effects they have had, and sill have on my life, but because of the fear, doubt, and.. Regret.. that truly kept me before them and after, to have done something… anything differently.


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