Barbarians, Little Boys, and a religion of Hate.

Noeroel Islam-moskee

Noeroel Islam-moskee (Photo credit: Roel Wijnants)

This may seem a bit redundant as I have already written a recent post decrying the violent intolerance of Islam the “Religion of Peace.”

However, A friend of mine brought to my attention another feather in the Turbin of the children of Mohammed, in the form of the murder of an Eight year old boy, and I had to re-emphasize my sentiments.

Here is the story itself..

Now there are many who will say that this isn’t about “Islam” but about the culture of violence in Afghanistan.

Lets look at the literacy rate .. maybe that is why..

30.1% (of people ages 15-24) in 1979, Now its 34.1%.. 4% increase in forty years..

So.. two thirds of the country are illiterate, yet the percentage of the country  that is Muslim is.. wait for it..

*Country/Region[3] Muslim population
2010 Pew Report[3]
Muslim percentage (%) of total population
2010 Pew Report[3]
Percentage (%) of World Muslim population
2010 Pew Report[3]
29,047,000   99.8 1.8

(*) Source for statistics found here

English: The Muslim population of the world ma...

English: The Muslim population of the world map by percentage of each country, according to the Pew Forum 2009 report on world Muslim populations. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

** Now .. Clearly that’s  a coincidence.. The  Combination of  uneducated Ignorance  and a totality of a single faith.. surely it would play NOOO role in the violence..Because “Islam is a religion of peace”..

 (**) that really annoying sarcastic A-hole voice

Yep, I am calling Bullshit.

So those who say that it is not  Islam but the “culture” of Afghanistan I submit to you this.

There is nothing that so much defines Afghanistan as Islam, for all in all it is an uneducated nation.

It is their actions that then defines what that faith represents.

I’m gonna throw a few articles out there to add some clarity.


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