Sesame Street breaks down barriers.. Again..

Sesame Street

Sesame Street (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

I am usually chaffed by the bias that finds its way into.. and then pours out of, things that I believe it has no place in, like children’s programs. Sesame Street is, in my opinion, an American Treasure.
Though I have been slightly chaffed by the approach as ideologies seeps through the actors and into the program, I accept that bias is part of the human condition, and even though I believe some things we should labor to leave it out, for the most part Sesame Street gets it right(well, center left actually.)
Here is an example of when sesame street earns its props from me.
With so many children with a parent in jail, and the broken homes that it often leaves behind, Sesame Street shows beautifully and delicately to those children they are not alone.
That.. is an absolute good…Henson would be proud.

And now here is what happens when Bias finds its way full throttle into a children’s Program.. Behold the Shit Stain cartoon Network..    

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