Why a White man hates the N-Word

Paula Deen holds court

Paula Deen holds court (Photo credit: Bristol Motor Speedway & Dragway)

Paula Deen deserved to get Canned.

I really dislike racists, in whatever form they might take. I am not racist, I think that it is abhorrent and asinine. I was raised in the rural south, in the early Seventies, and can tell you I was so clueless to “racism” thanks to my parents that I came home crying and humiliated from school (second grade) one day because the teacher had asked

“What is racism?”

My response, which brought a howl of laughter and mocking…

“Nascar Winston cup racing”

I had no clue.

My father tried to console me with explanations of what it was.. and why people thought that way.. But I could not wrap my Eight Year Old mind around it. It culminated with my father saying..

“Well son its like this, if we were all blind some folks would want the squeaky voiced people to ride on the back of the bus”

Exasperated I shouted, which marked the first and only time I ever raised my voice to my father.

“That doesn’t make any sense!”

He smile and simply said…

” So endeth the lesson”

As I grew older I realized that the vast majority of the folks that lived around me ( as I grew up on Bailey Rd they were also related) were racists in some form or another. Those forms ranged from the  benign ” those colored people” kind of avoidance and mistrust to the full blown Klan joke N- word whenever they spoke variety.

I never really got It, I still don’t, which again I credit my parents for, and take pride in how our nation has grown to the point of whom we Elected President(Who I am very unhappy with currently) and how barriers of race and creed are being lost to antiquity slowly..

Just not fast enough at times.

I know the Paula Deen Type of racist very well, the well meaning “its not their fault they were born colored, god bless em” type. They are kind to all the lesser people, who sometimes need know (and be put )in their place, like some unruly child. They try to avoid using all those impolite terms, unless they deserve it, or in a joke… cause its a joke you know..

The N-word.. is an epithet of Hate.. plain in simple..  a one word reminder of both our country’s failings and our struggle to overcome them.

Paula Deen’s use of the N-word, didn’t make her a racist, it was how she decided to use it that did, for there is no justification for its use at all.


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