I Knew It!! and sitting close doesn’t make you blind either!!


As a kid I loved Television, Cartoons, reruns, you name it. Saturday mornings were the joyous celebrations of sugared cereal, and the world of make believe on the screen before me. I was the kid who sat three feet away, my odd shaped melon festoon with my car door ears and appropriately unkempt hair silhouetted by Thunder the barbarian and Spidey and his Amazing Friends. The weekdays were a similar ritual, I would saunter up the long driveway as the bus would drop me off and take up my view obstructing position before being banished by the six o-clock news or parental tyranny to “Get my homework done.” 

I spent my share of time out of doors, earning my nickname “Dirt” diligently, but I would not miss a favorite show,  opting for the garden hose versus tub as weather permitted when decontamination was demanded by one parent or another.

There were always the comments,

“Don’t sit so close, you’ll go blind!”


“All that TV is going to rot your brain.”

Well it seems I have some vindication.. at least in part(as I reach for my spectacles)



Boo Yahow!!

Here is my favorite little tidbit

While TV has been consistently blamed for  diminishing children’s brain power, University of London academics found those  who watched three or more hours a day were three months ahead of those who  watched less than an hour a day.

I loved My books, and my barefoot my name is dirt days as a child, but I loved TV too, and it just goes to show, it was once upon a time not so bad a thing.

As for the “It will make you go blind!” thing, that’s up for questioning, as I got older there was another accusation on going blind, that didn’t prove true either, hell if it did we’d all be blind.




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