Stirring up Hate Cold War style, Another reason Putin Sucks.

English: Vladimir Putin in KGB uniform Deutsch...

English: Vladimir Putin in KGB uniform Deutsch: Der junge Wladimir Putin in KGB-Uniform Français : Vladimir Poutine en uniforme du KGB (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

I have commented before on my thoughts about Jihadists. The Hate that fuels them to be a cancer for all mankind is not something I feel compelled to dissect, nor will I take the apologist tact of assuming that “It must be something we did for them to hate us so” either because I Think that’s a batshit crazy Idea.

As It turns Out, there is someone to blame, at least in part for that Hate.

The Komitet gosudarstvennoy bezopasnosti (KGB)

Here is the article that puts them right at the heart of Fomenting that Hate.

Here is an excerpt that just tickles me.

Pacepa and Rychlak conclude that much of the  anti-American sentiment in the Middle East and elsewhere can be traced back to  Soviet clandestine operations, in which he himself played a major role.

So all this reckless hate, well the seeds were sown when the cold war raged, by the efforts of the KGB.

Now for those who don’t know it Vladimir Putin, or as I like to refer to him, The greatest tool of our Time, Was a Member of the KGB, during this time, at a policy making level.

Currently He supports the regimes in Syria, Iran, Venezuela, and Cuba.

Basically the places where human rights mean the least, and freedom is a rather dubious thing.

It should come as no surprise that he is harboring NSA leaker Snowden, as he has a history of F*&king us over that’s as expansive as his  ENORMOUS ego.

I have personal resentments for him which I will only mention in passing,  but by and large, he is as big a threat to mankind as Stalin ever was, he just hasn’t made good on those threats yet the way old red Joe did.

So the next Terror threat they talk about, and sadly the next attack that takes innocent lives, remember who stirred it up, and who gains the most in our downfall.

Also when you see a picture of that Tool, Putin, flip it(and him) off.. add a nice expletive laced insult if your in the mood, you might just feel better..

I always do.


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