Well.. Shit. I guess this post will be blocked in Putin-Land.

KAZAN. Sabantui, a Tatar festival.

KAZAN. Sabantui, a Tatar festival. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)


I curse. Sometimes with a casual delivery suiting the moment, while other times with the inflection and decibel level befitting the circumstance(s) that propelled it.
Why would I use such boorish and vulgar language?

Because I can, Damn IT!

Curse words, Swearing, Cussing, explicative…. Whatever name you want to call them, some words just make a moment better(or prevent it from being a helluva a lot worse) and I, for one, embrace this quality.
And it is part of that most delightful of rights… that of free speech.

Shall we now Segway to the land of Putin.. who I also call an asshole baby.

Behold the high moral authority that can only come from a former(and current) KGB Assassin.

Russia to ban foul language on social networks and discussion boards


Here is an excerpt.

According to politician, the pages full of posts and messages containing swear words, will have to be blocked within 24 hours, if harmful information is not deleted. This should apply to pages on social networks, websites, and various forums. According to Mizulina, children can begin to see profanity as a norm. It is assumed that possible innovations will be discussed on July 30th.

Hell yeah.. damn that’s some good shit right there..

Bear no doubt that the real origins of this totalitarian edict comes from the walking Shit Stain  Vladimir “The Fucktard” Putin, probably as a result of his ego getting corn holed by millions of posters/ bloggers telling him what he can go.. and how often, daily.

I am not saying that curse words.. and their use, befit all situations, nor am I saying that those who abstain from the liberal use of them are anything less than the classy folks I know and respect.

I am just saying some times.. Shit happens, and you just have to say Fuck It…. and should be able to do it, and not have someone else decide whether or not you can cause their ass doesn’t want to hear it.





When we fall, and those who help us stand again.

l_358d1c3fbe9347b798b7de1b10458b61Inspiration.. Is the strength that comes from having our troubles, challenges, even our failures laid before us.. And seeing those very same things lying behind Someone who is reaching to help us get where we want to be.

Sleep. (An Excerpt from 10,000 Sleepless Nights.)



 (0riginally written September 24, 2010)

 In a perfect world sleep would be plentiful.. renewing.. and a place where dreams shape the soul. For me  sleep.. is a mystery.. despotic.  Dreams.. they are like hateful phantoms in the night..coming only when they sense weakness.. and leaving only  the pain of unrequited desire and regret in their wake. so if you would wish well of me.. wish for sleep.. as you would have..or wish me no more.. for if rest is what waits us as we quit this coil of the waking world.. then let it come.. let me sleep. 

When this was written, I was in the most dark of places. I was well within  the journey of writing 10,000 Sleepless Nights, and had lost my way, both with the work and my life.

As I look back, It is important for me to remember that though it may be just as bad now in hindsight as it was then when I amidst this terrible time, I came through it, and I am still here.

Hope for hope’s sake may be all we  have to stave off the darkness, but even when the darkness is absolute, the smallest of light can defeat it.


English: One of the dolphins at the Aquarium o...

English: One of the dolphins at the Aquarium of Veracruz (Photo credit: Wikipedia)


I have always had real affection for animals, but dolphins have a special place of sentiment for me. Truly marvelous creatures, and this article truly supports that fact.

When the Sun falls upon me.


How we remember a moment is our best treasure, and how we make the moment is our greatest gift. This is a memory of sun and wind, and lush green and blue sky, and childhood dreams real with every breath, as I stood there, and the sun just fell upon me.

Rock Star, Cover Boy and terrorist. Why Rolling Stone hates bombing victims.

¿Rolling Stones? No, gracias

¿Rolling Stones? No, gracias (Photo credit: alvarezperea)

Dzhokhar Tsarnaev is a murderous terrorist. A radical Muslim Extremist. A jihadist. A cancer of a human being.

And he is Rock Star….

What the F*&k?!

Yep, So sayeth Rolling Stone.

In a upcoming issue of the Magazine, in which they do a story on how the shit stain, Dzhokhar, was just a poor misunderstood Teen, and one hell of a cover boy..(Sarcasm on over drive.)

Forget the elevation of monsters to celebrity, or the marginalization of the real threat of Islamic Jihad, the real issue is what it does to the victims and their families to see the terrorist who was the very cause of their suffering, glamorized. sympathized, and idolized with a pic that was as flattering as he is evil.

I have a theory as to why they would do something so callous at Rolling Stone.

They hate the Boston Bombing Victims.

It was deliberate, a willful effort to hurt any and every person who was involved in the terrorist attack, Except Dzhokhar Tsarnaev, cause he has such cool hair….


Why would they hate the victims. Well its really about who is at fault, clearly they brought it on themselves, the victims, being American. I mean we are the reason for the  bombers did what they did..


They wanted to sell magazines, and don’t care how they do it, or who they hurt or anger in the process.


Either way, You have a good Idea of what kind of people are running things at Rolling Stone, and maybe a reason why to never buy a another copy for as long as you live..

I sure wont.