The best of the Human Spirit, come up from the worst we may do.


I wept this morning. A Sobering, shoulder shaking sobbing it was, a mixture of selfish shame and hope.

What propelled such an emotional outpouring?

It began with a rather unpleasant night ending. Yet another episode of painful sleeplessness that had me cloaked in my own woe and oblivious to the world around me. I complained aloud bitterly as went about my day with contempt as a grumbled and whined room to room.

Then, as I took to my desk and delved into the ether to find some distraction to occupy myself, I got a full fisted reality check right in my face, for I had my own suffering, and sorry ass attitude about it, put in perspective.

Here is what did it. Please watch the Video.

Cleveland Kidnap Victims Say Thank You!

These three unbelievably beautiful souls, who suffered so unimaginably, show such strength and character in a display of human spirit that left me ashamed and in tears at my own petty complaints.

So, to Kidnapping victims Amanda Berry, Gina DeJesus and Michelle Knight, I say Thank you for giving me perspective this morning, and thank you for what you represent to the human race.


Here is an early story on this I wrote.


2 thoughts on “The best of the Human Spirit, come up from the worst we may do.

  1. I try to only write when my heart6 knows my mind is in the right place.. or is it vice versa.. ?? In any case I swear by all I hold sacred that this is exactly how it happened. So I wrote it.
    Thank you for reading it, and by my measure, getting it, and by that me.

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