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Please help..  This is the child of a dear friend who I have personally witnessed his tireless devotion that has renewed my faith in my fellow man. He and His fiancé, an extraordinary young woman who shows equal measures of love and dedication as well, desperately need this help. please click on link and donate what you can.

The enemy of my enemy .. is my enemy.. WTH!?… a war with Syria will end badly.

My Original thoughts remain the same, this will go very badly. Assad is a monster, with Chemical weapons.

What Say you


Let me start with the Obvious..  Syrian President Bashar al-Assad is a murderous psychopathic Ass Clown. He has slaughtered thousands of innocents, even with chemical weapons, as a civil war rages in Syria.

Assad is also F%^k buddies with Iranian President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad(I am guessing that Asshatassad is the pitcher, and the Ahmadinaspidermonkey the catcher in this pairing..Not judging here) With Vlad “I invented oxygen and the letter q” Putin the pimp.

So three pretty bad guys altogether.. plotting and killing and whatnot.

Then comes the new tools on the block.

See Below…

Syria crisis: Al-Nusra pledges allegiance to al-Qaeda

Not a surprise that these Vermin are sliding into the fray, and as for the rebels.. they are getting their clocks cleaned by the Assadomites daily, and with little help from the world at large. So desperate times comes for calls of desperate measures..

Speaking of which.. here is a…

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Want to get paid to stay home.. Promote A Race War..

Homeland Security Advisory System scale.

Homeland Security Advisory System scale. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

I seems it pays to hate, At least if you work for the Federal Government. Case in point, the delightful horror of a human being that goes by the name, Ayo Kimathi, who works for The Homeland Security Department.
It seems that while he is employed to keep us safe.. or something like that .. he moonlights as a Racist Bigot -Warmonger.. with his own website no less.
Here is the Story..

The information on the site comes from the Southern Poverty Law Center.

Now.. Help me here..  He asked for ..  and got permission to.. created the Website, but only after it was brought to the attention of DHS management was he put on.. wait for it ..Paid Leave..while an investigation is completed..

Forgetting the fact that the smallest amount of oversight would have certainly revealed what the sight was about.. which is unmitigated hate, homophobia, warmongering, loathsome racism.. etc… Why, is there any need to “Investigate” anything?

This might have been a clue.. to anyone.. Bipedal.. and awake..

One of Kimathi’s former supervisors at DHS told SPLC’s Hatewatch that,  “Everybody is the office is afraid of him,” and that his co-workers are “afraid  he will come in with a gun and someday go postal.

So.. next time you reflect on your tax dollars at work.. you know, your “Fair Share”.. Take heart in the fact you are funding Ayo Kimathi to sit home.. and hate.

Slowest Start To A Hurricane Season On Record

See what had happened was..

Real Science

Obama says that hurricanes are getting worse, based on some research done at the Choom Climatological Institute.

As we approach the end of August, there have been no Atlantic hurricanes. By this date in the year 1886, there had already been seven hurricanes – including three major hurricanes, one of which wiped the city of Indianola, Texas off the map.

ScreenHunter_357 Aug. 24 09.14

1886 Atlantic hurricane season – Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

A kinder, gentler natural hurricane from 1886

ScreenHunter_359 Aug. 24 09.46

Obama’s presidency has also seen the fewest US hurricane landfalls of any president. Three hurricanes have hit the US while he was in office, compared to twenty-six while Grover Cleveland was in office.

ScreenHunter_19 May. 08 06.04

Chronological List of All Hurricanes

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The sun is about to have a flipping magnetic field reversal

I love this post.

Watts Up With That?

We’ve been watching the progress on the WUWT solar reference page in this plot from Dr. Leif Svalgaard:

Solar Polar Fields – Mt. Wilson and Wilcox Combined -1966 to Present

Leif Svalgaard – Click the pic to view at source

Now, NASA has decided to call the flip. Video follows.

Something big is about to happen on the sun.  According to measurements from NASA-supported observatories, the sun’s vast magnetic field is about to flip.

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Better days even if there are no Better nights.

DSC01384Optimism is often a remedy for reality. A salve the mind applies to treat our hardships and sooth us from life’s failures. Reality, as it so often does, musters it’s strength and will overwhelm optimisms effects. Then we often suffer both the pains that optimism could not abate, and the sting of the words of others who hasten to remind us; Optimism …was of no use, for reality is incurable.
Yet I pose a question.
What if Optimism is our reality?
What happens when the way we see the world, is positive, hopeful, and unrelentingly confident that good things will come.
What happens when optimism isn’t the treatment, or the cure, but the condition.
That is a reality that those who fail to see the value it has for us  will have no remedy for.

This was written in May of 2012. The complications of my Sleep Apnea and its treatment were dominating my life.(much as it has since)

I did not only write this but was compelled to,  by a belief.. in belief.

That was of one of optimism.