Better days even if there are no Better nights.

DSC01384Optimism is often a remedy for reality. A salve the mind applies to treat our hardships and sooth us from life’s failures. Reality, as it so often does, musters it’s strength and will overwhelm optimisms effects. Then we often suffer both the pains that optimism could not abate, and the sting of the words of others who hasten to remind us; Optimism …was of no use, for reality is incurable.
Yet I pose a question.
What if Optimism is our reality?
What happens when the way we see the world, is positive, hopeful, and unrelentingly confident that good things will come.
What happens when optimism isn’t the treatment, or the cure, but the condition.
That is a reality that those who fail to see the value it has for us  will have no remedy for.

This was written in May of 2012. The complications of my Sleep Apnea and its treatment were dominating my life.(much as it has since)

I did not only write this but was compelled to,  by a belief.. in belief.

That was of one of optimism.


3 thoughts on “Better days even if there are no Better nights.

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  2. Optimism does not negate reality I believe. But allows us to face reality with a perspective that permits positivity in the face of often negative reality. The other extreme alternative, to be a pessimist, is to look at reality and see only persecution and woe. Reality itself is surely coloured by outlook. I choose optimism even while reality might depress the hell out of me at times. ;)x

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