“Life is like a…

“Life is like a Midget wrapped in cellophane on your Doorstep. Your not always sure of the parts that are moving, but you have to get passed it anyway”


Nineties Proverb.


4 thoughts on ““Life is like a…

  1. A corollary to this proverb:

    Making your way to the top is not about stepping on all the little people on your way. It’s about systematically arranging those little people so that they form stairs you can climb en route to the top.

    • First.. let me compliment you on the use of the word “corollary” as it applies to midgets in plastic wrap… Second.. midget stacking is an entirely noble profession.

      • There are only two acceptable uses of the world corollary outside of law school: when discussing midgets and when making a souffle. For all other reasons, the expression “on the contrary” or “on the other side of the coin” should be used, with the former applying for non-monetary causes, and the latter applying for any even involving pornography.

  2. soufflĂ© is just an allegorical expression used to anthropomorphize an omelet with gas issues.. as for the question of coin operated media of the less than chaste nature.. remember .. don’t pick up the sticky quarters..

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