Finding yourself in the Shadow of a Mountain.


A few days ago I began a Sabbatical. Though hastily launched, it had been  an action much fomented and longed for.

I have taken refuge amidst the dulcet tones of crickets and owls, with every  hue around me a mixture of calico sun through primordial greens warmed softly by lantern and ember.

The keepers of this abode, not so far from everyone and everything, hurry about with a tireless ease, efforting with a self actualized grace to delicately maintain the sanctuary they so graciously share.

I have come here, to this place, not to deconstruct the pieces of me, nor to make sense of where along the path of my life they lay.

I have come here, simply to be.

I do so in this moment, by moment, with the furthest wandering of my thoughts no further away than the pebble laden path that leads from one tree crowned field of green to the next, with a calmly breathed effort that each step I take, be it uneven or sunlit and smooth, is where I dwell.

It is not a peace or a stillness I seek, it is the reminder that they were always with me, should I simply heed each step I take.


One thought on “Finding yourself in the Shadow of a Mountain.

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