Feldan’s Fury(A peek into Eaglesong, Book One of the Eun Trilogy)

What Say you


While writing Eaglesong I began to fall in love with the characters and what they represented to me. It was both unexpected and a source of real enjoyment. The bond of friendship(A central theme throughout Eaglesong) is best appreciated between The Centaur, Wynsik, and His Fellow Ogre Buster, Feldan IronBelly.

     Feldan got to his feet, and staggered over to his friend. Wynsik was hurt gravely, he could tell. The centaur was still conscious and he turned his head as best he could to face his friend.  “This may be our last battle together.” He said with some effort. Feldan nodded and choked back tears to say “Aye, that it might.” The dwarf then smiled and winked at his wounded friend, then looked to the giant who was trying to get the plainsman’s beast from his back.  The dwarf took a deep breath, and straightened his helmet.

Then Feldan went berserk.

Mugs had never known such…

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