Sun in the rain. The Sun Dawg Cafe’. A Bohemian Oasis of food, philosophy and Style


Sweet Potato Chili…, Rum Soaked French Toast, Or the incomparable Mango Dawg…

These are just some of the most extraordinary creations by Ray and Rachel (Yes I put it in that order, yes they get the irony, and no.. they don’t it find funny ..) Husband and Wife proprietors of the Sun Dawg Café.

Located at the corner of the Outwardly ordinary and mundane( actually its Main and Otterman in Greensburg, PA.) The Sun Dawg may be eight  rough steps down beneath the street, but a mile and more above the curve when it comes to slow lean ambiance, and fantastic reinventions of the classics of Americana Café Fair.

Ray and Rachel, (yeah I know… I know….) are clearly in the groove of doing what they Love, doing it with some serious style, and providing a culinary experience that has me pouring over the menu like a Klondiker who wonders how many nuggets he’s got in his pan, shining in the sun.

Take for instance Sweet potato Chili….I have to tell you that the name alone had me curious for the sake of it, but just one taste and I am hitting it harder than a B- List has been  Just out of Rehab. To put it more seriously, it was culinary brilliance.

And That’s the thing.. the Menu is filled with such treasures as can be seen on an old school chalkboard that teases you with its casual presentation, hinting at its ever changing nature that beckons you to try them all before they are gone. Added to this is a gem of equal value which is the genuine connection that Ray and Rachel forge with each and every customer who finds there way down the rain clad steps to this bright and friendly abode.

This more than anything, this fusion of place and being and food and soul makes at least for me, the Sun Dawg Café a place to find yourself, and if you can’t find yourself, then this a place to start and have some damn fine food along the way.

I could write more.. but Instead I will leave this hanging in the air.. Pumpkin spice Cinnamon Rice Crispy  Delight..

Nuff Said..


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