The bright side of being yourself, and what others say about it.


There can be few things associated with the growth of the individual spirit that bear more credence than those things relatable to “being yourself”

There are an endless litany of books, quotes from books, people who speak of the books and their quotes, people who get the quotes wrong but say them anyway, and there is always that scandalous rebel that “Makes up their own quote”

Now I am unrepentantly guilty of all of the above. From the inference to a favorite book, to a quote from here or there , the mangling of either or, and the “Making it up as I go “ which I enjoy most.

I always found it Ironic how people continuously associate how they are “being their own person” by referring to someone else’s notions as why they are..

Yes I indeed said I have been guilty of the same, but as Time has gone by on this merry road of life I have walked/ stumbled/  ended up face down in the ditch/ upon, I have found that for better or ill, I enjoy most those moments when I declare myself as myself, by sayings things that are just me.

Sure it is important to relate to others by pointing out why something somebody else said is the reason your “being yourself” but every now and then own it, and say something that is all you.

At  least that’s how I see it.

I say ” Do you, and wait for the applause.”

You can quote me if you like…..


8 thoughts on “The bright side of being yourself, and what others say about it.

  1. I do! And I am clapping!

    I am very much my own person. Interestingly, as I grow older, when I say something or make a gesture, sometimes I am reminded of one of my parents and it is clear to me the origins of my make-up. Such feelings engender a feeling of pride in me, for I luckily see my parents in a mostly positive light. But it is interesting to note that, from this point of you, none of us are completely our own person, for we all have been moulded by our genetic past and the surroundings we have lived in.

    I know my point is a little far from what you were discussing… but, as I always say, “A man should not strive to eliminate his complexes but to get into accord with them: they are legitimately what directs his conduct in the world”.

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