NYT suggests ‘deniers’ should be stabbed through the heart – like vampires

Unbelievable, and frightening. I understand the power of the propaganda engine that surrounds the AGW religion, but this literally has shades of the horrific satiric cartoons that ran in many German papers daily from 1933 to 1945.

Watts Up With That?

So, as WUWT readers well know, I have a different opinion about global warming.

Do you think the New York Times  should endorse stabbing me (and others with similar opinions) through the heart like a vampire because I hold that opinion? See panel #4 “self destructing sabers for climate change deniers”.

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Chasing The Dragonfly (Excerpt from 10,000 Sleepless Nights)

the river

Chasing the Dragon Fly
No matter how much we want to, no matter how many hours we spend in reflection and reminiscence that we let ourselves fall within to hide from our missed chances and lost hopes, they remain just that.
The past has a will to remain where it is, and as much as we wish to hearken to it, and bid it to follow our desperate need to reconcile the losses the years we left behind whisper to us, in the end, we can never go back.
It isn’t about what we would have done differently, or what we might do now, or even how sincere and pure and absolute we are to do that which we did not before. It is instead something bittersweet in it’s truth.
No matter how beautiful and elegant , how much it calls to us as it sits upon the perfect lines of our memories we held so dear, In the end, it ends the same.
There is no catching the Dragonfly.

At the edge of Sleep, and the wonders shown there.


That’s the term its been given, that place where are conscience mind and the world of our dreams collide. I can tell you it is a place of utter wonder, and immeasurable terror.

Here is a reference to it.


and here..


I can tell you that if I am at all a man who possesses some skill with the written word, in so much as it pertains how I present them to the world, that it comes from those moments at the edge of sleep and the wonders that have been shown me there. 74313_4509265884372_20355440_n


Big and small, beneath a star laden sky

The world .. and all that’s in it , still fills me with absolute wonder.. and it is but a single speck in a universe as vast as the best renderings of any imagination. It would be such an easy thing to feel small and meaningless, given the scope of all things.
I do not.
The mind may know the limit of any given moment where we cannot comprehend that which is before us, yet we need only time and the willingness to imagine, and will learn and grow.
There is no force that man yields greater than his imagination, for with it there is nothing in this universe, or any other, that he can not understand, one moment of courageous wonder at a time.

The sights before us, and how time changes them.



Life often reduces us to constructs of thought that are at best, belligerent, and at worst, violent. We do this so easily, we seldom realize what they could mean ..in a different time or different place.

It is much more an act of dedicated effort to build notions that are benevolent and compassionate, but doing so is the best of things..

For from thought action is born.. and for good or ill, consequences are to be found, and histories written.. and from that we build monuments to remember them.

Time then brushes over consequences.. and histories are lost or changed

The monuments weather on the longest.. a lingering shadow of what the thoughts of men may do..and for this reason we should govern carefully our thoughts, for one day they could be the lingering stones upon mount or field.. and may govern how the thoughts of those beings who will follow us, and the actions they choose.