Subaqueous volcanism: ocean vents and faulty climate models

Watts Up With That?

WUWT reader Pethefin writes:

Finally someone addresses the really big elephant in the room: the ocean vents and their role in climate modelling:

I covered this possibility in a previous post:  Do underwater volcanoes have an effect on ENSO? and I have updated that post with this animation showing a heat plume disconnected from the ENSO pattern and Google Earth graphic showing possible subaqueous volcanism sources (you may have to click the top graphic to get it to animate).


This excerpt from an essay published on Quadrant Online by John Reid also explores the question.

It hardly needs to be said that climate modelling is a far-from-settled science, despite what its practitioners would have us believe. Just how flawed becomes even more apparent when you consider that massive heat sources on the ocean floor have been entirely omitted from the warmists’ calculations

THE TOTAL power expended in volcanic heating of the…

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Sleep. (An Excerpt from 10,000 Sleepless Nights.)

What Say you



 (0riginally written September 24, 2010)

 In a perfect world sleep would be plentiful.. renewing.. and a place where dreams shape the soul. For me  sleep.. is a mystery.. despotic.  Dreams.. they are like hateful phantoms in the night..coming only when they sense weakness.. and leaving only  the pain of unrequited desire and regret in their wake. so if you would wish well of me.. wish for sleep.. as you would have..or wish me no more.. for if rest is what waits us as we quit this coil of the waking world.. then let it come.. let me sleep. 

When this was written, I was in the most dark of places. I was well within  the journey of writing 10,000 Sleepless Nights, and had lost my way, both with the work and my life.

As I look back, It is important for me to remember that though it may be just as bad now in hindsight…

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