Knowing that your Broken. A post biographical revelation.

What Say you

*Knowing that your Broken.
I have spent many an hour sifting through the bits and pieces of me I find littering a life’s worth of memory to truly understand how I got to the Me I am today. From this refuse I constructed the best likeness I could, and chronicled its details in a work that was suppose to help me assuage the terrible regret of so much of a life lived that I would have lived so much differently.. had I just gotten sleep. It was supposed to bring me peace.. It did not. In the end .. I was beset with so much hate and loathing of the man I had been, a man I did not choose to be, but the man I had been all the same. There was no redemption.. no utopic self actualization that would at long last absolve me of my failings, transgressions…

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