On suicide.

On suicide.

As so many of us are shaken to our core at the loss of an icon, I have seen commentary, both benign and condescending, on the fact Robin Williams took his own life.
There are arguments for and against whether chemical imbalances can cause it(suicide) or perhaps its locked in some faulty genome, and there is the spectre of mental illness, each in turn being the vehicle for the depression that seems to be at the heart of those”thoughts” that propel those fateful souls whom seek there own personal “Final solution”
And here we come to the heart of it.
People whom cannot conceive depression being capable of rendering such a loss of self worth that we will act in such self-mortal ways, often espouse such sentiments as….
“You just got to pick yourself up” or “Stop feeling sorry for yourself.” or my personal favorite..
“You’ve just got to motivate yourself!”
These concepts….whether they are delivered with a enthusiastic fist pump.. or a smirk from on high, lack the fundamental component to be the super simple, gee why don’t you get it, stop lying around, solution they so clearly seem to be.

An understanding of what depression, is.. does.. and takes from those stricken with it.
In defense of these judgmental cheerleaders, I offer a theory, albeit flawed, that they are endowed with a beauty of thought and being that will not allow the insidious creep of depression into their psyche, rendering them oblivious.
Those of us whom have not received such a bounty, often stare at some distant point as we hear their rally calls, and condescension alike..
Equally unable to perceive why they cannot see what has us in this place.

and there.. right there .. is the key.
when depression takes hold.. enthusiastic praise, well meaning rebukes, and outright ridicule..
Are all the same.
Depression does that.. and if you cannot understand this, for this you should both be grateful, and humbled.
It is your absence of understanding that makes it worse.



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