The laws of self induced consequences (Jihad Karma)


Some things never cease to amaze me.

The beheading of an innocent woman in OK, and the debate .. work place violence vs. Lone Wolf . There is NO DEBATE! It is YET AGAIN radical Islam and the barbarity it represents. Why people think we can hug it out or if we are so semantically subservient to “Muslim sensibilities” that they will abandon jihad on the way to Abercrombie and Fitch. And what in the blue fuck is a “moderate” Muslim anyway.. I will tell you… those that remain indifferent as the “radical jihadists” kill and behead us. They say nothing, they do nothing.
Hey Moderate Islam… eventually America will get really bent and then a terrible wrath will befall many.. and the worse part, INNOCENTS will die.. and I am thinking that at that moment you will ask yourself, why, WHY are people standing by and letting innocents be killed. Your answer will be found in the nearest mirror, that’s if you have the stones to look in it.

Seeing Shadows or Light…

      Too often we dwell in darkness, in the sense of how our sorrows and losses, failures and regrets, occupy that place where our soul is forever shrouded in twilight. It is a shadowy realm of our construction, the brick and mortar of its masonry made solid by our fears and doubts. It seems a fitting place to seek solace, but it is instead a prison to which we are both inmate and warden, and we abide there .. too often and too long…
What gives us our moment for both gracious pardons and daring escapes.. Is the light we let in, through windows of hope and forgiveness that are often forgotten, and by design far too small. 
What makes this so.. is when we can look to the shadow of us.. And instead let ourselves see the light shinning through that makes It.


The War of men, and the children made to suffer.


Men make war, make politics that make war, Men corrupt, hate, destroy.

But a child is not a man. These Monsters (ISIS) are seeing to the death of thousands of children and thousands could be millions.
(and many more)
More of the same.

I know many oppose war, and in the abstract So do I. And I know we cannot save all children in all places.(would it be that we could)
Isis is a threat to all of civilization, but war or no, its the children who have to pay for it.–turkey-refugees-islamic-state-pictures-photography/?utm_source=Twitter&utm_medium=Social&utm_content=link_tw20140921news-fleetur&utm_campaign=Content&sf4749636=1

A Southerner’s reponse to Jihadists


Hey ISIL I hear you got your Jihadity all pimped out and what not.. Gonna bring it to our door..
I have some Swamp Stomping, stand sitting, bog running, river riding Fellas who would love to me make your acquaintance.. Hell we will tell ya right where we are.. Come get some..

ISIL is a bunch of sorry Ass Basic Bitches!

Rant over

Things that make you grateful for being from the South.

the river

Being introduced to boiled Peanuts
The food at potlucks.
The way a grandmother will call your name.
The real meaning of the word Momma.
The quality of use in swear words.
Sunlight through an April fog.
The real meaning of the word Tubing.

And the things that just aint right about it.

Beer cans at boat landings.
Drunk parking at the waffle house.
Idiots on jet skis on the river.
The danger of driving on Sunday morning. (at least when my Grandmother was alive)
Skeeters.. them DAMN skeeters!

Hearing northerners complain about us.

A hallowed day in reflection, and my opnions on the Same.


I am amazed at the diversity of opinions that have grown from this hallowed day, and how freely those opinions will be issued, this is both proof of the greatness of liberty, and how America is its faithful steward, while simultaneously being the reason for the attacks.
So.. a few points of clarity that can be found amidst MY opinion, (which I find really important, my opinion that is)

Those that attacked us were, idiot, zealot, ass clown, shit stain, f%^k stick wastes of human flesh. They are honor less cowards and anyone in the world whom might admire them … Go F&*k yourself and seek therapy.. in that order.
There was no justification at all whatsoever for what happened to innocent men and women this day, anyone who might be sitting drinking their soy latte while reading the latest issue of “White American Guilt” the How to hate yourself for being born American issue, you know the one that’s made from carbon neutral hemp , and feel incline to wax esoterically about how America deserved it for all the evil we do, instead roll up that mag and shove it where you put your 100% vegan coffee enemas(don’t worry, apparently the magazine is pre lubricated.. who knew)

This nation is a great nation, for though we have committed true sins against our fellow man, when held in contrast to both the history of other nations past and present, and the great deeds we have undertaken, we still are mans best hope for liberty and peace.

I am proud to be a citizen of the United states, not because of what that means for me, but because of who I can call my countrymen, and what rarified company that is.

What is 10,000 Sleepless nights? (An explanation of Excerpts)

What Say you

A Note on my Notes..
by S.E. Bailey (Notes) on Tuesday, April 3, 2012

What is 10,000 Sleepless nights? A clever catch phrase perhaps? A cryptic reference?


10,000 Sleepless Nights is my odyssey of recollection and introspection into my own life.

In September 2007, I learned that I had suffered a stroke of the pons, sometime in my distant past. The cause and timing are uncertain, though other things point to my childhood. What is certain, is that the area effected is a part of the brainstem where breathing is regulated. In my case, it has caused me very Severe Apnea.

How bad? How big a deal really?

That is the context that I want to best convey.

I have a A.H.I. or the apnea-hypopnea index, of 81.4

What does that number mean?

“AHI, or the apnea-hypopnea index, is a numerical measure that accounts for the number of…

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Better days even if there are no Better nights.

What Say you

DSC01384Optimism is often a remedy for reality. A salve the mind applies to treat our hardships and sooth us from life’s failures. Reality, as it so often does, musters it’s strength and will overwhelm optimisms effects. Then we often suffer both the pains that optimism could not abate, and the sting of the words of others who hasten to remind us; Optimism …was of no use, for reality is incurable.
Yet I pose a question.
What if Optimism is our reality?
What happens when the way we see the world, is positive, hopeful, and unrelentingly confident that good things will come.
What happens when optimism isn’t the treatment, or the cure, but the condition.
That is a reality that those who fail to see the value it has for us  will have no remedy for.

This was written in May of 2012. The complications of my Sleep Apnea and its…

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