The laws of self induced consequences (Jihad Karma)


Some things never cease to amaze me.

The beheading of an innocent woman in OK, and the debate .. work place violence vs. Lone Wolf . There is NO DEBATE! It is YET AGAIN radical Islam and the barbarity it represents. Why people think we can hug it out or if we are so semantically subservient to “Muslim sensibilities” that they will abandon jihad on the way to Abercrombie and Fitch. And what in the blue fuck is a “moderate” Muslim anyway.. I will tell you… those that remain indifferent as the “radical jihadists” kill and behead us. They say nothing, they do nothing.
Hey Moderate Islam… eventually America will get really bent and then a terrible wrath will befall many.. and the worse part, INNOCENTS will die.. and I am thinking that at that moment you will ask yourself, why, WHY are people standing by and letting innocents be killed. Your answer will be found in the nearest mirror, that’s if you have the stones to look in it.


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