Failing a Nation and those who would not let it fail.


I am the son of a Veteran. My grandfather served, my brother, nephew, uncles, aunts, cousins, and many dear friends. I have always taken great pride, in my pride, of being an American.

Why, because of how we came to be, what we have overcome, what we have done, as a nation.

In the nature of my reasoning, I have come to a single, salient, reason for all of the above.

Those who have served, fought, and died for our nation.

To me, it is an inescapable reason why we still exist as a nation at all. So you would understand how vexed I might be, given all that I have conveyed, as to why we cannot take care of those who have served this nation.

I am , referring of course, to the Horrendous and complete Failure by Veterans Affairs to provide not just adequate, but exceptional care for EVERY SINGLE MAN AND WOMAN WHOM HAVE SERVED THIS NATION HONORABLY.

These men and women, many injured in defense of this nation, and each other(That itself an action truly noble)  should never suffer unduly.

Not an hour, a day or in this case months….


What happened in Arizona is just one, ONE horrific example of how we are failing our veterans. There are so many(examples) that I could not Read them any longer without being so very upset. I kept thinking there has to be justice ,Real justice for such an affront to the real honor of this nation that is personified in the flesh and blood of Veterans. And what has been done to rectify this collapse of hounor by The V.A.?

Behold, shame upon failure.

Four… almost fired people, when hundreds, and I fear thousands, have died waiting WAITIING…. for an appointment, to seek care for wounds earned, and bodies broken in defense of You and I .

Anyone knows me Knows the level of sarcasm and derision I can let loose on matters, both big and small, as a matter of Me being me. I will not do that now, in honor of what the importance of this matter represents.

I will merely take a moment a be silent.

Its the best reverence I can muster amidst sadness and shame, for those who died waiting for their nation to honor them, for keeping us safe, making us strong, and insuring we are Free.


 If you feel as I do and want to Help please the Link Below!!


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