A UnGuilty White Guy Opines on Ferguson.

DSC01442I am white, in the classic I should feel guilty for being born that way kind of way. But I am more of a pale/pinkish/partially tan depending on seasons in reality, but reality no longer matters. I don’t Feel guilty for a DAMN THING done by somebody else , to someone else at some point that was white, wasn’t white. or yellow , brown, burnt Siena (my favorite crayon color) or any other part of the melatonin rainbow.
What happened in Ferguson, at all stages was a tragedy, but not a damn bit about it had to do with being “White” or “Black” or any other shade in the Crayola box of humanity.
It was about
Race Baiting

Men hate, men destroy, and last I check History proved that color and geography mattered not a damn, who killed, and got Killed.

Do mankind a favor.. Hug somebody, buy them a drink, set down to a meal with somebody you hardly know.
If you cant do these things.. just stay your ass home.


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