One night on the Anu Heska, a look into Eaglesong, Book one of the Eun Trilogy.

What Say you

Picture actually taken as I was writing this chapter. Picture actually taken as I was writing Eaglesong.

This is the prologue to my first novel, Book one of the Eun trilogy, Eaglesong. Please read, comment if you will.


Crisp winds swirled about a lonely figure, sitting in the wash of shadows on a perch overlooking the plains below. The chill winds of the Heskan night were lit by a late winter moon and carried the sounds of song and laughter, the smells of roasted meats and herbs.  The origin of these could be seen in the flicker of lanterns just beyond the crag’s base.

Each night was the same, and he had spent so many now, that he could know the voices, even who cooked that night, and what.  The collection of huts and buildings were home to generations of a family; a tribal people that had lived in happiness, and peace, for centuries, as kingdoms rose and fell around it.

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