One of The Days and The SAyings We Make.

“There are more sayings for what one might make of a day then days we actually might make use of them, but very few days when we find ourselves realizing why those sayings were said at all, as we breath deep and hope to make for one of those sayings and those days, on the day that’s before us”

Nineties Proverb.DSC01270

Every Moment we wait Another Soul is Broken…



(  Photographs by MAURICIO LIMAAUG. 13, 2015)

I have said, time and again, We face an evil now that demands we act.. A cancer to all mankind. Do you really think “Economic Opportunity” would fix this.. That a “better message through Social media” would make them play nice.
I have also heard, “They have been fighting for thousands of years” and “Its not our problem.”
Every child is worth protecting.
When Rape of a child, be it 2 miles away or 10,000.. is sanctioned by the State.”
Then That State should be reduced to ash and bone and broken glass.