In But a Heart Beat.

Of all the human conditions, there is but one that we all Share without exception, while we are here in the place where the Mind, Body, and Soul collide, and that is the constant rhythm of our hearts as they set cadence to our lives, and go unnoticed , and unheeded moment to moment, day to day, life to life, till so often we have come and gone.

When we take notice, it is so very often after they have suffered, or burdened, broken, craven, crushed or damaged beyond repair. Then and only then do we lament what priceless treasures they are.

To us, For us.

We sit silent in trembling wonder, for even with such value, others give them to us with the purest grace, with the most selfless courage, and sometimes.. in a life altering and lifesaving sacrifice.

Yet what is most rare, despite one belonging to each of us, and yet everyone precious, we  seldom if ever just take a moment .. close our eyes.. and listen to them.

Right there, inside us, for they are the reason we are all here.

A truth we can so easily learn, in but a Heart Beat.nature-heart06





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