Facebook, The Religious (and those who would not be) Battleground.

Just An old thought made new

What Say you

I wrote this originally in August of 2012. The  Same holds True today.
What to believe, why to believe it.
Who would have thought that social media(Facebook) would be the territory where battles of  faith versus science are so often fought.
Daily, if not hourly, as the “newsfeed” rolls merrily along  before me on my PC and Phone, I watch the point, counterpoint, or at times punch, counterpunch as they are exchanged.
In truth, certain issues with my health …have created this opportunity to kibitz this Battle Royale, yet I find that it is, at the very least, cathartic for me as I sit, read, at times even learn, as volleys fly to and fro.
I try to remain a neutral spectator, but as with all of us, my own views, or “beliefs” are stirred and boil over from time to time, and cast myself into this fray or that…

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