At what cost is every Breath.



Written in 2009, today as I sorted through a set of keys that my former self might use to lock away the parts of me that could allow my vulnerable humanity to show, I found instead.. a light of remembrance shinning in a memories door way, and once again. I put the Keys away and walked towards the light.

“It is so strange a thing, to see all sides of your existence in both the literal, and esoteric sense, even if but for a single moment in one’s life. I believe that my perceptions afford me this as a near constant state of being, though that implies lunacy or grandiosity, if not both. regardless I am always in that place between the two most powerful forces within us all; conscience and selfishness. It is not to say I always know what is right, it is to say that I am seldom unaware of what truly is happening. So the battles rage…. Virtue against passion, nobleness against lust, commitment against survival. Safety against love. at what cost is every breath I take the longer the war endures”



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