The World beyond your own Mind.

Reality, we can all agree, is completely subject to the whims and conditions of the individual, so I shall not labor to draw comparisons of mine unto another.

It is my point, here in this moment, to try and know the world beyond what the sum of what my senses have delivered, my memories have recorded, and my dispositions, both good and ill, have biased my mind against, and learn truth.

20160429_080455.jpgWould it be that in this moment that I should succeed, how would I really be sure, for reality, after all in its decadent chaos, is rarely a servant to truth. Yet, with a smile upon my resigned but amused face that those who know me cannot mistake, I am sure there is truth to be found. The world beyond my own my mind can only be found once I realize a more important truth.
The Truth of being me. 


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