The Potency of a single moment.


The human condition is fraught with so much peril and wonder. We are rash, impulsive, and destructive even amidst our meticulousness. We can inspire, rally, and overcome, while simultaneously spiraling into certain doom.

What is a absolutely certainty, is that however or wherever, either or, it is the Potency of a single moment that does it. It will alter forever the course of our lives.

The ring of a Phone.

The calling of Our Name.

Someone saying. “They’re Gone”

or, “Goodbye”

When we hear a newborns first cry.

When they say “I do”

or, “Your Hired”

When they look at you say “I Love you” for the very first time.
When you find the courage to do the same.

Opening the door to your very first home.

Closing the door on your first day on your own .

From these and so many more, we weave all the rest of our moments, and our lives, in and out, up and around.

But its the Moments that define all the others, that make us who we are.


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