It is never as bad as you Think, its how you think about it.


It goes without saying, or at this moment it will, that I have had what some could think as a Bad go of things from time to time. I would be remiss if I did not add a disclaimer on the volumes to which I have regaled on just that very thing.

I am not taking this moment to issue some sort of invalidating retraction of the very same, but to add the appropriate counterweight.

A thought… its specific gravity, mass, velocity, vector, inertia, and force, its burden, hardship, wound, devastation, malevolence, bitterness, or its suffering upon us…..

Is Shit we do to ourselves..

Now .. what made it(Thought) could be Someone else, Something else, and even ourselves(which is like a doubling down on the Shit Part.) I, we, you, they, the person who will not stop talking to the Barista and is holding up your latte(Yeah.. That Shit, that’s on them) Was real, and worth the moment it happens, to think it over.


And after it has happened, it may very well have left a wound right across your soul.

but after that.. It will heal, the moment you let it.

Its More than something to think about, its how you think about it, and that’s all on, and completely in.. you.

Just a thought, I thought not so bad to share about me to you.





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