The sights before us, and how time changes them.

What Say you


Life often reduces us to constructs of thought that are at best, belligerent, and at worst, violent. We do this so easily, we seldom realize what they could mean a different time or different place.

It is much more an act of dedicated effort to build notions that are benevolent and compassionate, but doing so is the best of things..

For from thought action is born.. and for good or ill, consequences are to be found, and histories written.. and from that we build monuments to remember them.

Time then brushes over consequences.. and histories are lost or changed

The monuments weather on the longest.. a lingering shadow of what the thoughts of men may do..and for this reason we should govern carefully our thoughts, for one day they could be the lingering stones upon mount or field.. and may govern how the thoughts of those beings who will follow us, and the actions…

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